Wink Terminal Expansion

ExxonMobil Pipeline Company is expanding its Wink Terminal’s receipt and takeaway pipeline connections as well as its storage as part of its growing investment in Texas.

Among the terminal’s new connection will be the Delaware Connector pipeline. To manage the new inflows, ExxonMobil Pipeline Company is expanding the terminal’s storage capacity by building eight new storage tanks and adding other key infrastructure that will help efficiently segment and store ExxonMobil and third-party production from the Delaware, Central and Midland basins in the Permian.  The terminal will also serve as the origination point for the Wink to Webster pipeline.

Combined, these projects will support the continued growth of oil production in the Permian Basin as well as the expansion of oil refining on the Gulf Coast. They also will greatly contribute to the state and local economy by generating jobs and tax revenues. As these projects get underway, you can expect to see increased activity around the Wink Terminal and along pipeline rights-of-way.

More information on the Wink Terminal expansion is available here.