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A message from ExxonMobil Pipeline Company

Safety is a core value at ExxonMobil Pipeline Company. As we work with national, state, and local leaders, we will continue to put the safety of communities at the forefront. For additional guidance from health and business leaders, visit these resources:

Health Resources:
Texas Department of State Health Services
Midland Health Department
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organization

Business Resources:
Midland Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Small Business Association

ExxonMobil and COVID-19

ExxonMobil’s Baton Rouge Refinery is the largest isopropyl alcohol (IPA) manufacturing facility in the world. IPA is a key ingredient for hand sanitizer and medical sanitation products.

The simple acts of washing your hands and using hand sanitizer can have a dramatic impact on slowing the spread of diseases like COVID-19. And in the midst of this global pandemic, access to chemicals used in disinfectant products is critical. ExxonMobil is helping to meet demand for products like medical hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes and disinfectant sprays by manufacturing a key ingredient, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), and providing it to the customers and areas that need it most.

Producing Solutions for Frontline Professionals
Mask Ambition
Specialized Delivery: Supplying Sanitizer to Frontline Professionals
Our Coronavirus Response: Meeting A New Challenge
A local response to a global crisis
ExxonMobil Supports Online Education with $100,000 for Carlsbad Municipal Schools
ExxonMobil Supports Hunger Relief with $100,000 Contribution to West Texas Food Bank

News coverage:
Baytown Sun: ExxonMobil Gearing Up for Fight Against Coronavirus